Version History

2021-12-2: ver. 2.4.1
Supported mac0S 12 or later only
Added Spotlight/Quick Look plug-ins again
2021-8-22: ver. 2.4
Fixed sidebar epanding/collapsing problem
Fixed toolbar item problem
Fixed Preferences Window
Removed Spotlight/Quick Look plugins
2015-4-25: ver. 2.3
Implemented a sidebar context menu. To show it, right-click or control-click at sidebar
  • You can open a section in new window from sidebar
  • You can expand/collapse all sections of sidebar
Implemented a Combined Contents Window. To open it, choose “File” -> “Combine All Contents and Open in Window”
  • You can select, copy, print all contents within an EPUB at once
Improved Spotlight / Quick Look plugins
  • Spotlight plugin stores EPUB specification version
  • Spotlight plugin show metadata of EPUB to Finder's “Get Info” panel
  • Quick Look plugin is improved quality
2015-1-6: ver. 2.2.4
Fixed a problem about style sheet folder
2014-12-13: ver. 2.2.3
Fixed a file loading issue
2014-10-4: ver. 2.2.2
Fixed 1-column pagination mode problem
Fixed navigation problem
2014-3-27: ver. 2.2.1
Fixed a problem that a search bar is not displayed
2013-6-26: ver. 2.2
Added support for EPUB 3 Page List
Added support for EPUB 3 Landmarks
2013-5-24: ver. 2.1.3
Added a feature that cleans caches folder
Fixed a problem that you cannot move within a page when you turn on pagination mode and turn off JavaScript
Fixed a problem that you cannot apply adhoc user styles when you turn off JavaScript
Fixed a problem about swipe gestures
2013-5-9: ver. 2.1.2
Fixed a problem about a search bar
2013-3-21: ver. 2.1.1
Fixed a bug about scrolling in Pagination mode
Fixed a bug about text encoding
Fixed a bug about Quick Look plug-in
2012-11-6: ver. 2.1
Added Pagination view mode (only for horizontal writing mode)
Added two-finger swipe gesture to move between contents (Mac OS X 10.7+)
Enabled App Sandbox
Fixed minor issues
2012-6-1: ver. 2.0
Redesigned user interface
Added full-featured multi window
Added "Go to Page..." menu
Added Bookmark editor
Added built-in css files for default user style sheet feature
2012-3-17: ver. 1.6.3
Fixed an issue that a loading page from sidebar
2012-3-14: ver. 1.6.2
Fixed a page loading problem
Added menu items about Sidebar
Added a feature that opens image in new Subwindow
Added a feature that opens help web page by choosing a help menu
2012-1-31: ver. 1.6.1
Fixed page loading problem
Fixed Navigation Document loading problem (Snow Leopard)
Fixed file loading problem (Spotlight/Quick Look plug-ins)
2011-12-22: ver. 1.6
Implemented "Open in Subwindow" feature
  • You can open a current page in subwindow by choosing menu item from Window or context menu
  • You can open a link in subwindow by Command-clicking a link element or choosing menu item from context menu
Implemented Popover feature (OS X Lion only)
  • You can open a link in Popover by Option-clicking a link element or choosing menu item from context menu
  • Popover can be detached as a subwindow by dragging its frame
Added some preferences
2011-12-2: ver. 1.5
Added a support for "page-progression-direction" attribute of EPUB3
Added a support for Navigation Document of EPUB3
Added a feature that displays a cover image of EPUB to a inspector
Added a Preferences window
  • to set the default font families and sizes (but these settings are overridden by CSS)
  • to set the enablement of JavaScript
  • to set the default user style sheet
  • to set the content size at full screen mode (Lion only)
Added a feature that displays a cover image of EPUB as thumbnail icon to Quick Look plug-in
2011-10-21: ver. 1.4.2
Fixed Application icon
Fixed some bugs
2011-8-13: ver. 1.4.1
Fixed the window title problem in OS X Lion
Fixed the ncx file reading problem
Fixed the character encoding problem
2011-7-29: ver. 1.4
Added support for OS X Lion
Implemented Full Screen mode for OS X Lion
Implemented "Go to First/Last Page"
Included Spotlight importer for EPUB
Included Quick Look generator for EPUB
2011-6-23: ver. 1.3
Added user style sheet feature
Changed search interface
Fixed some problems about user interface
2011-5-14: ver. 1.2
Added Bookmarks feature
Improved opening speed by using caches
Fixed minor bugs
2011-4-21: ver. 1.1.1
Added Print (or convert to PDF) feature (per one HTML file)
Renewed toolbar item icons
2011-4-3: ver. 1.1
Improved a search feature(Implimented "Find Next"、"Find Previous"、"Use Selection for Find")
Changed a title of sidebar navigation from title tag text of HTML to navLabel text of NCX
Fixed a bug that cannot open an HTML file that does not have a certain extension
2011-3-1: ver. 1.0.2
Fixed a rendering bug of status area
2011-2-28: ver. 1.0.1
Fixed a Japanese localized string file
Enabled to open EPUBs concurrently
Removed status bar
2011-2-21: ver. 1.0
Initial version