Emoji IM

Input Method for Emojis

Emoji IM is an input method for Emojis. You can input alphabetical characters and Emojis seamlessly👍

Input Emojis seamlessly💨

When you start typing in UPPERCASE characters, Emoji searching is started. Type emoji's unicode name in UPPERCASE to search emojis. Hit UpDown arrow key to select candidate and hit Enter to input selected emoji.

Emoji searching is ended when you type lowercase characters, hit Enter key or Escape key.

Register Emoji Sets❤️

You can register emoji sets with custom name. You can input your favorite emojis easily😙💕😍

Skin Tones

You can set a skin tone which you want to use.

Version History🔧

ver. 1.0, 2015-07-03
By moving caret to out of current inputting area, inputting string is committed.
ver. 1.0-b2, 2015-06-17
You can also input some unicode characters
  • Bullets/Stars
  • Punctuation
  • Pictographs
  • Math Symbols
  • Technical Symbols
Fixed the candidate window’s position when it is in vertical writing mode
Fixed some bugs
ver. 1.0-b1, 2015-05-26
Initial version