helps you to find the differences between two images.

ImageDiff is an application for macOS that helps you to find the differences between two images in several ways.

System Requirements

macOS 12+


Opening Images

To open images:

Comparing Methods

You can choose 5 comparing methods from "View" menu item in menu bar, context menu in the app window or toolbar.

Side by Side
Puts two images horizontally/vertically
Shows two images alternately by clicking them
Piles two images. By sliding the slider, the opacity of the upper image is changed
Piles two images. By sliding the red line, the width of the upper image is changed
Shows the differences image made from two images

Changing Background

You cna choose 4 background types.

Version History

ver. 2.1: 2024-05-10
Added the Equalize Image Size feature
Fixed minor issue
ver. 2.0.3: 2023-03-29
Fixed an issue that images drag-and-dropped in Wipe view would appear swapped
Fixed an issue that one of images in Wipe view was not clipped properly
ver. 2.0.2: 2023-03-18
Fixed the problem image drop from Finder not working
Fixed the problem that caused control UI to not appear in Side by Side/Dissolve views
ver. 2.0.1: 2022-07-13
Fixed the user interface
ver. 2.0: 2022-07-05
Rebuilt from scratch with SwiftUI
  • Performance improvements
  • Adopted multi windows and tabs.
  • Implemented vertical layout in Side by Side
  • Implemented background changing
  • Implemented arbitrary scaling by trackpad gestures
ver. 1.0.4: 2019-8-8
Fixed the Wipe feature problem
ver. 1.0.3: 2012-1-31
Enabled App Sandbox
ver. 1.0.2: 2011-8-31
First release