launches/activates apps by using modifier keys

Keyknockr is a launcher application for macOS. By knocking the modifier keys, you can launch/activate various apps.

Keyknockr is a launcher application for macOS.

By knocking (double/triple tap) the modifier keys (Command / Option / Shift / Control / Fn), you can launch/activate assigned application. Additionally, you can perform actions such as opening URLs in the default web browser, switching to the last active application, or so on.

Subscribing to the auto renewable subscription will unlock the assignment action to Shift/Control/Fn keys, and assignment 3 or more items to the "Cycle Activation" and "Popup Menu" action.


System Requirements

macOS 14.2+


  1. Launch Keyknockr
  2. Click Keyknockr's icon in menu bar
  3. Choose "Settings..." from menu
  4. In the "General" tab, click "Assign" button next to the modifier key you want to assign the action to
  5. Choose an action:
    App/Local File
    An app is launched or activated. If you assign a local file, the file is opened by its default app
    The URL is opened in the default web browser
    Switch to Last Active Application
    A last activated app is launched or activated
    Running Applications
    A Menu that is listed current running apps is popped up
    Cycle Activation
    The assigned apps are launched or activated in specified order
    Popup Menu
    A Menu that is listed assigned apps, local files and URLs is popped up
  6. Activate an action to knock (double/triple press) the modifier key

Version history

ver. 2.0, 2024-03-02
Rebuilt from scratch, and rebranded from "CLCL" to "Keyknockr"
Added new action: "Running Applications", "Popup Menu"
Added "Launch at Login"
Switched to freemium model with In-App Purchase auto renewable subscription
ver. 1.2, 2013-01-03
Added a preference to hide a menu bar icon
ver. 1.1.1, 2012-02-24
Fixed an issue that app crashes
ver. 1.1, 2012-02-04
Added new special action "Cycle Activation"
Enabled App Sandbox
ver. 1.0.1, 2012-01-20
Fixed an issue that app crashes on launch in Mac OS X 10.6
ver. 1.0, 2012-01-18
First version