launches/activates apps by using modifier keys

CLCL is a universal launcher app for Mac OS X. By pressing a modifier key, you can launch/activate various apps.

CLCL is a universal launcher for Mac OS X.

By double/triple pressing a modifier key (Command / Option / Shift / Control / Fn), you can launch/activate application. You can also open URL in web browser, and switch last active application.

In Lite version, registrable modifier keys are Command and Option only.



By purchasing CLCL from, you get a URL for downloading. If CLCL is updated after you have purchased, you can download updated version of CLCL from same URL.

The update information is sent to customers, and announced at this page and developer's Twitter account.


  1. Launch CLCL
  2. Click CLCL's icon in menu bar
  3. Choose "Preferences..." from menu
  4. Choose a modifier key you want to register from "Hot Key"
  5. Choose an action you want to assign to hot key from "Action"
  6. Activate an action to double/triple press a modifier key
    • If you choose an application as an action, its application is launched or activated
    • If you set URL as an action, its URL is opened in web browser
    • If you choose "Switch to Last Active Application" as an action, last active application is launched or activated
    • If you choose "Cycle Activation" as an action, the specified applications are launched or activated in the specified order

Version history

ver. 1.2, 2013-1-3
Added a preference to hide a menu bar icon
ver. 1.1.1, 2012-2-24
Fixed an issue that app crashes
ver. 1.1, 2012-2-4
Added new special action "Cycle Activation"
Enabled App Sandbox
ver. 1.0.1, 2012-1-20
Fixed an issue that app crashes on launch in Mac OS X 10.6
ver. 1.0, 2012-1-18
First version